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Chacott Silent Shot Sauna Pants


貨號: 011284-0001 分類: , ,
Product No. :011284-0001-18
Size:M, L
Material:100% Nylon

sauna suit The effect of a sauna suit that is as light and thin as skin is the same, and the sound caused by movement is quiet.
Developed stretch sauna for dancers.
Polyurethane laminate processing on the back of the ultra-thin knit.
Although it has a perspiration function, it does not get stuffy and is comfortable to wear.
With pants hem and adjuster.
Gathered elastic waist finish.

Brand: Chacott BALANCE
Body and mind, food and sleep, work and play, activity and rest. Live a harmonious life that fits you without overdoing it or wasting it. A beautiful life that is rich in body and mind is created from balance. To keep the balance of the day. It’s not just about training, it’s not just about relaxing. The concept of BALANCE WEAR, which creates a harmonious body. Utilizing the skills cultivated in ballet, at home and in the studio. It supports the body beautifully and flexibly. New body support from Chacott.
Product name: Chacott Stretch Skin Sauna Pants 011284-0001-18
Color: 009 Black, 029 Navy, 038 Khaki
Size(cm): S (black only), M, L
Size chart
[S]: Waist: 58-64, Hips: 82-90
[M]: Waist: 64-70, Hips: 87-95
[L]: Waist: 69-77 , hips: 92-100
Material: 100% nylon (back side polyurethane laminate)
Handling Precautions:
・Since the fabric is laminated on the back, please be careful not to rub it excessively or hook it with a sharp object.
・Avoid using an iron or steamer.
・Store out of direct sunlight and away from high temperatures and humidity.
・Keep out of the sun when storing.
Country of origin: MAD IN JAPAN


Black, Navy


S, M, L



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